Dear recipient,

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is conducting a survey concerning trade barriers faced by Finnish companies. This survey is being carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, the Central Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and Finpro.

With this regard, please find enclosed a letter from Paavo Väyrynen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, as well as a questionnaire that we would like to ask you to complete. Your contribution can be sent by post (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, P.O. Box 413, 00023 Government, FINLAND) or by e-mail to If you prefer, the questionnaire can also be completed on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs We request that you return the completed questionnaire by 5 December 2008.

The survey, as well as information concerning previously reported trade barriers, has been sent by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to your company's office in Finland.

At the turn of 2007/2008 the Embassy of Finland conducted a survey of Finnish business activities in the Canadian market on a more general level. The present survey concentrates specifically on trade barriers encountered by Finnish companies in Canada.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Markku Virri
Embassy of Finland, Ottawa

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